Artwork Placement

How to place artwork within the design
Updated 4 months ago

There are several approaches that can be used to indicate where the artwork image should be decorated on the product.

  • printLocation - Required. The print location field tells generally where on the product the decoration should go.
    Supported values values are: front, back, left_chest, right_chest, left_sleeve_short, right_sleeve_short, left_sleeve_long, right_sleeve_long, cap_front, cap_front_left, cap_front_right, left_hip, right_hip, left_leg, right_leg, bottom_center, corner, drinkware_front, middle_front_pocket, bottom_front_pocket, top_center, neck_label, on_left_pocket, on_right_pocket

  • physicalSize - Optional. With this property, you can provide the physical width and height of the decoration in inches. This will dictate how the artwork is sized when placed in the provided print location. If not specified and not using autoSize (more info below), the physical size will be determined based the DPI and size of the provided artwork file.
  • physicalPlacement - Optional. With this property, you can provide offset information to adjust where the logo will be placed. If provided, then you can adjust the logo placement relative to the top-center of the print location. When using this property, physicalSize should also be provided.
  • Transparent space - Instead of providing a physicalPlacement property, the image itself can use transparent space to offset the artwork within the image file. For example, setting the physicalSize to 12" x 14", and having transparent space around a logo can adjust where the logo will fall within that 12" x 14" rectangle.
  • autoSize - Optional. The system will determine the size and placement of the artwork based on the print location. This cannot be used when providing physicalSize or physicalPlacement. Artwork will be set to the maximum size that fits within the width and height of the print location.  autoSize is only available with the following locations:
    • front and back - Artwork will be placed at the top-center of the print location.
    • left_chest and right_chest - Artwork will be centered within the print location.
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