Managing Webhooks

Learn how to create, list, and delete webhooks
Updated 2 weeks ago

You can use the REST API to register webhooks to your system. You should first review the different webhooks supported and develop the endpoint before registering an entry.

Use the Add Webhook operation to register a new webhook.  This will consist of a URL to be called during webhook events, optional authentication fields, and one or more event types that the provided webhook URL will handle.  You can choose to register multiple webhooks for different event types, or just share a webhook and have it listen for multiple event types.

By default, webhook URLs will be called without any authentication.  Alternatively, you can register Basic Auth credentials to be used, or provide a custom header name and value that will be sent on the webhook calls, which can be used to secure the call.

The API also provides a List Webhook operation as well as a Delete Webhook operation.

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