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Set up a connection to push orders from Order Desk to Fulfill Engine.
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Once an integration between Order Desk and Fulfill Engine has been established, rules in Order Desk can be used to push orders into FE. Once orders are fulfilled in FE and shipped, tracking information will be pushed back into Order Desk.

The orders pushed to FE will use standard Metadata Fields set up in Order Desk to communicate information about the items being ordered. The expected fields will need to be used for FE to accept the order from Order Desk.

If FE cannot understand the order, it will be rejected and an error will show on the order in Order Desk.

Order Desk metadata

  • Standard metadata fields

Orders sent from Order Desk will need Metadata Fields on the order items to communicate the important details necessary for fulfillment.

Field name





Communicates the specific SKU (style, color, and size) of a blank product that will be decorated. The value can be either:

  • Fulfill Engine SKU ID

  • GTIN

Fulfill Engine can provide an export of supported SKUs along with SKU ID and GTIN.



URL for a PNG artwork to be printed. The artwork should be saved at the desired print size.



Indicates which location on the product will be decorated. If no print_location metadata field is set, Order Desk will provide “front”.

The allowed values will vary based on the type of blank product style.

Allowed values:

front, back, left_chest, right_chest, left_sleeve, left_sleeve_long, right_sleeve, right_sleeve_long, left_leg, right_leg, left_hip, right_hip, cap_front



Indicates the type of decoration. If no print_type is provided, Order Desk will send DirectToGarment. However, your integration can be set up to treat all orders as DTF if desired.

Allowed values:

DirectToGarment, DTF 

For other decoration techniques, reach out for more information.



URL for a PNG mockup of the decorated product

  • Additional Prints

If the order item has multiple decorations, the print_url, print_location, print_type and print_preview metadata fields can be replaced with numbered fields to communicate the information for each decoration.

Example: instead of print_url, provide print_url_1, print_url_2, etc.

Connecting to Order Desk

  • Set up FE store or account

Each Order Desk store can connect to a single FE account or a single store within an account. Orders sent to FE from the Order Desk store will be pushed into that FE account or FE store.

  • Connecting the FE account / store to FE

A request will need to be made to FE to connect to an Order Desk store. The following information needs to be provided.

FE Account ID


The ID of an existing FE account

FE Store Name (optional)


Name of an existing store within the FE account

Print SKU Format


Whether print_skus provided will be FE SKU IDs or GTINs



If orders are not setup with the print_type metadata fields, indicates that all prints should be treated as DTF instead of DirectToGarment

FE will register this information and provide back an API key. From OrderDesk, you can search for the Fulfill Engine integration and use the provided API key to connect the Order Desk store to Fulfill Engine.

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