Other order request fields

Additional details that can be provided for the order request
Updated 1 year ago

While order item groups and shipments make up the heart of the order, there are other properties of the order request that can be provided as well. Here are a few of the key options:

  • customId - Optional. This can provide a custom id to be associated with the order in the Fulfill Engine system. An order id will still be generated in Fulfill Engine, but the custom id will also show in the portal and be used in emails etc. An example usage may be an purchase order number to be associated with the order or an id for a third party system that is initially capturing the order.
  • campaignId - Optional. This field should be omitted for most API orders. This is only used if the order is associated with a specific store registered in your Fulfill Engine account, in which case provide the store id.  Most API scenarios will not use a store at all. However, stores are required for 3PL scenarios.
  • isTest - Optional. This flag will allow you to submit test orders to explore the API without having them fulfilled. Test orders will not show up in the Fulfill Engine portal except under test accounts or test stores. Ask your account representative if you want access to a test account.
  • confirmationEmailAddress - Optional. If provided, then an email will be sent to this address providing confirmation that the order is placed. This is separate from the confirmationEmailAddress field on the shipment object, which is used for sending an update when that shipment goes out.
  • customerEmailAddress - Optional. Used to track the email address of the customer and show in the Fulfill Engine portal. It is not used for automated system email communications.
  • customerAddress - Optional. Similar customerEmailAddress, this field is for information tracking only and not used for the shipping address.

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