REST Authentication

Learn how to authenticate calls to the Fulfill Engine API
Updated 1 year ago

When you are onboarded to Fulfill Engine API access, you will be provided with an account id and an API key that you will need to authenticate all calls to the REST API.

The key can be provided either via basic authentication or through the X-API-KEY header. See below for details on how to use each of these options. 

You can use the TestAuthentication endpoint to validate basic connectivity and authentication to the Fulfill Engine API.

  • Basic Authentication

When using basic authentication, the username should match your account id and the password should match the API key provided to you.

  • X-API-KEY Header

As an alternative to basic authentication, you can provide the API key directly as the value of the HTTP request header X-API-KEY... All API endpoints include the account id through the URL, so the provided key must correspond to the account id.

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