Store 3PL inventory

How to check inventory of store 3PL SKUs
Updated 1 week ago

For your store 3PL items, we will be stocking inventory for your SKUs in a Fulfill Engine warehouse. The Store Inventory Endpoint can be used to check detailed inventory counts for a set of your store-specific 3PL SKUs by providing a list of up to 100 SKUs or Vendor SKUs. The endpoint will return detailed inventory counts for each.

  • inventoryOnHand - The live count of items of this SKU stocked at the wahreouse.
  • inventoryCommitted - The number of items of this SKU currently committed to in-progress orders from your store.
  • inventoryAvailable - The number of items of this SKU still available for future orders. This number is the inventory currently on hand reduced by the number of items committed to in-progress orders.
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