Adding 3PL Products to a Store

Expand your offering with 3PL products.
Updated 1 year ago
A 3PL product is a non-decorated products that you will be providing to production for inclusion to offer on your store. Examples would be things such as jewelry or a keychain. 
If you are offering 3PL items, it will be your responsibility to manage inventory properly. 

Review process to send items to be warehoused here

1. Add a 3PL product in Shopify using the "Fulfill Engine" vendor.

2. From your Fulfill Engine Store homepage, select the Products page.

3. From the Product page select to Import 3PL products from Shopify.

4. On the modal check the box and select to Import.

5. The product should now be added to the Fulfill Engine Store.

6. Inventory can be viewed from your Fulfill Engine Store homepage by going into Manage inventory > SKUs.


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