Cancelling an Order

Need to cancel your custom order? You might be able to!
Updated 1 year ago

Since everything is custom decorated, we are unable to cancel orders that are already in production. However, if the order is still in Processing status, you have the option to cancel. 

To cancel an order, go into the order id, select the Tasks dropdown located under the address and select Cancel order

Time that an order will move from Processing to In progress will very. An order officially moves to In progress, when blanks have been ordered.

Once canceled, an automatic refund will be issued to the original payment method! 

Your customer also has access to cancel the order they placed while it is still in Processing status!

When an order is submitted, your customer will receive an automated email confirming the order details. There is a tracking option within that email that allows them to cancel. Once the order move to In progress, the option to cancel will automatically be removed from the order confirmation. 

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