Payments & Disbursements

Once you establish your profit margins, disbursing your funds are a breeze!
Updated 7 months ago

It is important to ensure your profit margin is set up prior to launching your webstore. When you set up a product, you will also set your profit.

You are able to set a fixed price, fixed percentage, or fixed sales price. The system will automatically calculate the sales price (the cost to your customer) and your profit! 

Although your customer will make a payment directly to us, the transaction will be white-labeled to reflect your store name. 

The transaction name is established when your store is set up based on the store name. If you require it to read as specific verbiage, reach out to our team at

How are the funds disbursed?

This disbursement policy is specific to accounts who are customers of Fulfill Engine. If your account was created with a partner of ours, you will need to contact them to confirm the disbursement process.

Disbursements are done on a store level, not an account level. If you have multiple stores, you will receive multiple correlating disbursements. 

Before your store goes live, you will be required to set up a payment method as well as a remittance address for a mailed check. All disbursements will be automatically issued via check.

You do have the option to set up ACH payments, and will need to connect with your Fulfill Engine representative to formally establish that option.

The disbursement of profit will automatically occur within the first business week of a new month and will hold all profits collected within the previous calendar month for any amounts at or above $100.

If your profit is under $100, it will be disbursed at that start of a new month once your store has met that threshold. 

In the event there is a negative balance on your account (ie. you operate a gift store) your payment method will be automatically charged within the first business week of a new month

In the event that you reflect a profit, as well as money is owed, the difference in the balance will be processed. For example, if your profit is higher then the money owed for gift / discount codes, the difference will be distributed to you. 

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