Order Shipped Webhook

Learn about the Order Shipped webhook
Updated 1 month ago

The Order Shipped webhook is used to notify your system when an order has been completed and is shipped by Fulfill Engine. When this occurs, a POST request will be made to your registered webhook URL with a body describing the event. An example request body is shown below.

  "accountId": "account-id",
  "campaignId": "campaign-id",
  "customId": "shipment-custom-id",
  "orderCustomId": "order-custom-id",
  "orderId": "order-id",
  "shipmentId": "shipment-id",
  "shippingCarrier": "UPS",
  "shippingCarrierCode": "ups",
  "shippingService": "ups_ground",
  "trackingNumber": "tracking-number",
  "trackingUrl": "tracking-url",
  "webhook": "shipped",
  "url": "https://fulfillengine-api.azurewebsites.net/api/accounts/account-id/shipments/shipment-id"
Note the customId field is the custom ID provided on the shipment.
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