Introduction to Webhooks

Learn how to receive calls back to your system
Updated 2 weeks ago

Using webhooks, the Fulfill Engine platform is able to push notifications to your system when events occur on orders in your account. When these events occur, Fulfill Engine will make an authenticated REST call to a URL of your choosing. 

    When registering to register a webhook, the following details are needed:

    • Webhook Event(s) - The event(s) that will trigger the webhook.  The currently supported events are Order shipped, Order in progress, Shipment canceled, and Order canceled.
    • URL - A URL that will be called by Fulfill Engine. A POST request will be made to this URL when the webhook event occurs. The request will include a POST body describing the event.
    • Credentials (optional) - By default no authentication is used, but you may optionally provide a username and password that will be supplied as basic authentication credentials or a custom header name/value that will be provided on the webhook call. This can be used by your system to authenticate the request from Fulfill Engine.

    Please review the Managing Webhooks guide for more details on registering a webhook.

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