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Quick introduction to the Fulfill Engine APIs
Updated 1 year ago

Fulfill Engine provides a growing suite of APIs to interact with the platform. It is developed by first-hand engagement with our partners and 3rd-party developers, so feel free to reach out to the team if there is additional functionality you need through the API.

To access the Fulfill Engine APIs, first place a request to your account representative with a brief explanation of your use cases.  The API team will work to quickly provide access to your account.

Most usage of the API will begin with the Fulfill Engine REST API, which includes a Swagger page for viewing endpoints and models, accessing an OpenAPI definition, and tools for testing calls. While the Swagger page will provide the most technical details of the REST API, this API guide will be a helpful companion to understand the API.

In addition to the REST API, webhooks can be configured for the API account to push notifications to your system when certain events occur, such as an order being fulfilled. These webhooks represent the Fulfill Engine system calling into a 3rd party system instead of the other way around and is fundamentally different than the REST API above.

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